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Let's 노래 (norae)!


Hm… where do I start?

Let’s go back a few years, back to late 2006- early 2007. At the time I newly became a Se7en fan because I found out some of his Japanese songs (I, still strongly in my Otaku days) and liked them. The only thing I knew about him that was related to KPOP was that he was Korean and was promoting in Japan and that was about it. I didn’t even know BoA was Korean, that’s how oblivious I was about KPOP. Probably about two weeks later I was looking for a myspace layout online (Yep, back when Myspace was still in it’s heyday. Hahaha rememeber Tom?) and saw two layouts that were dedicated to at the time what I saw as “some random asian guys”. I clicked the links for the layout cause those “guys” were freakishly good looking.

Trying to figure out who these guys were I looked in the comments section for the layout and saw that they were from a group called TVXQ (It was a Jaeho based layout but I didn’t really know about memberxmember pairing back then so I just saw them as two perfectly good looking guys, no other motive behind the layout >//<). From there I looked them up on youtube with my cousin and clicked the first thing that came up, which happened to be their TRI-ANGLE MV. Before I go on I must explain that I was quite a big hip hop and rock head back then, I completely shed my pop phase from my younger years of Spice Girls, Backstreetboys, NSYNC, and 98 Degrees. So when I pressed play on this MV me and my cousin (who happened to be a guy… makes sense right?) couldn’t help but laugh at them. With their unusual outfits and lip glossed looking lips. Yes… we called them the usual names people who aren’t familiar with the asian music culture call them; gay, queer, etc. We also saw that TVXQ’s name was DBSK and with that acronym we instantly came up with “Da Back Street Koreans” (take note that we didn’t even know they were Korean which I find kinda funny now… XD). More jokes were exchanged between us and that was the end of that for the night.

For some odd reason I continued to watch that same music video and shared it with a few of my close friends, still joking around about it. And eventually I liked it, I got insanely addicted to the song. From there… was history. I continued to inform myself of the Hallyu wave and become one heck of a KPOP fan (especially TVXQ’s). At first I started off with a few KPOP cds and posters, which were such rarities, but over the years that collection grew and even now I can’t believe how large the amount of KPOP merch I have… especially CDs.

And that brings me here to iMolla Lyrics. There were countless times through my “KPOP life” that I had trouble looking for hangeul versions of song lyrics, even the most popular ones. I took a look at my own CD collection and thought about how much it grew over time and thought… why not start my own site to help those that are in the same dillema as I was. And WOLLAH! A hangul-romanizing  lyric site started by yours truly :] It may not be much but I hope somehow my efforts have proven helpful to you somehow ^^

*Please remember that I type ALL of these lyrics myself (hangul and romanized) and that alone takes time, and that almost all of these lyrics come from albums and singles that I own. So if you can’t find the lyrics to a song or songs then there’s a big chance that I don’t have that particular CD. The only exceptions I’d take would be songs that don’t have a CD (for example digital singles or promotion songs) or OSTs.  

-Lorelai (iMolla Lyrics)


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